Philmont Ghost Stories: Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails
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Chris Hobler

Sonic Joyride at the One Room School 1997
sonic joyride
Chris Hobler (left) lost his battle with Lou Gehrig's Disease in March 2005

 Chris Hobler was a co-founder and songwriter for Sonic Joyride, an incredible band on the verge when Chris was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's Disease in 2001.  Folks, THERE IS NO CURE RIGHT NOW. Chris lost progressive control, yet his courage grew.  His Grandfather also died from this affliction.  Chris has a compilation CD available on his site (, and Sonic Joyride is still online ( Proceeds go directly to ALS research.  If you can, please help, buy some music, buy some time for the countless others afflicted with this and other "Hopeless Diseases". 
Live each day as if it were your first, and last day to live, love, laugh...

The Hippie Cowboy's Last Ride...

In life beyond the academics that colleges could only to hope to rival, a group of people may influence your life beyond measure.  This book is as much yours, as it is my family's legacy.
From the very first year I was on staff, in letters and in notes; an attempt was made to record happenings and tales.  So many stories rippled through the years, and some morphed beyond initial recognition. 
Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails was concieved more years ago  than is willingly admitted, and has only recently made its way to print.

Colfax, NM

JJ just above St. Mary's Glacier, CO- old Phil-training grounds

                                                    hippie cowboy endeavors

"I wanna go back to Philmont."

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