Philmont Ghost Stories: Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails
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A couple previews from Aspen Shadows, Twilight Trails

    The footsteps continued straight up the path to Rich and JJ's tent.  A breath-holding moment passed as the footsteps paused directly in front of their tent.  Rich and JJ were motionless, propped up on their elbows trying to see what couldn't be seen.  The steps began again, heading for the corner of their tent.
    The field lab's screen door was yanked open and slammed into the tent frame, shaking the tent, locker contents, and the staff laying in their bunks.  The heavy wooden inner door was thrust open into the desk just inside.  A few more heavy steps were heard inside the lab, and the screen door swung shut and latched.  The wooden door was shoved closed.  The lock was heard to click.  A few more steps were heard, then nothing more...
                                - from "Walk About"

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Read "Lights At Night"

The shadow rider seemed solid, but the painted horse was dimly visible through the leg of its rider,  Loose hair tumbled about a dark featureless face.  There was a startling awareness of being closely scrutinized.  A dark arm raised a black lance, then the horse wheeled and headed back towards the herd by the stream.  A ghostly whistle started the herd moving down the canyon...
                                              from "Chico"


Just ahead they heard a rattling, ripping racket at their feet.  As one mass they backed up and crowded the narrow passageway. In the yellow glow of their lamps there was a mucking sheet on the floot, most of which was covered in a film of muddy water.  A grouping of small stones was in the center with ripples expanding outwards.
The rippling racket started again, and the stones on the mucking sheet danced like popcorn kernels in a hot skillet.  Backing up a step or two, the group felt a sudden chill rise up from the floor through their boots, up their spines, and goosebumps rose on their arms...
A yawning chasm of blackness swallowed their lamps' glow, and seemed to pull the gloom of the underground close around the group.Travis dropped a small stone into the hole.  More than an eternal minute passed, but no echoing retorn was ever heard of the rock hitting anything.  They lowered the mucking sheet, and all drew a collective deep breath.
A trembling started with the visiting Ranger, and contagiously spread to everyone else.
"Aw man, what if we'd walked on that?"
"We'd still be wondering when we would hit bottom..."
                          from "Any Day Above Ground, II"



from "More Than You Can Imagine..."


What makes this book different from the other published volumes?  Simple, really- these are firsthand accountings.  Some will hear echoes of stories they've heard, and many stories are similar across the years as many have experienced similar events while wandering in the shadows...

The "Music Man?"
original resides in UNM archives

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